If you have always been the center of attention and are suddenly sidelined, you may feel out of place. Similarly if you have always been on the sidelines and are suddenly pushed to center stage, you may feel out of place. A very busy person with nothing to do, or a laid back person who is faced with responsibilities, may also feel out of place.

If you are accustomed to ordering others around and suddenly have to take orders, or if you usually follow orders and then you are made to give them, you may feel out of place.

If the situation you are in is inevitable, tolerate it. If it is avoidable, walk away from it. If you feel that it can expand your abilities, smile through it. Love something about an awkward situation. This will increase your comfort zone. When your comfort zone expands, no one will be able to push your buttons and you will become centered and unshakable. Every awkward situation is a test for how deep you are in the knowledge.