Many people have a problem letting go of control, causing anxiety, restlessness and soured relationships. Wake up and see – are you really ever in control? What do you control? Perhaps a tiny part of your waking state! You are not in control when you are sleeping or dreaming. You are not in control of the thoughts and emotions coming to you. You may choose to express them or not, but they come to you without your permission. Most of the functions of your body are not under your control. Do you think you are in control of all the events in your life, in the world, or in the universe? That is a joke! When you look at things from this angle, you need not be afraid of losing control, because you have none to lose. Whether you realize it or not, only when you truly relax can you let go of your sense of control. Your identification with being somebody does not let you totally relax and it limits your domain.