To experience growth in life, we require faith in three things — in oneself, in the goodness of society and in God. However, looking at several recent incidents where so many innocent lives were lost, one wonders if God exists. If He does, why would He do such things? It is on such occasions that faith becomes fragile, and one tends to lose it. However, it is also in these situations that faith is most needed.

Faith is something that we all have inside us. When you face different situations in life, the peace and stability you have depends upon the amount of faith you have. It sustains life and leads one through difficult times. Contrary to popular thinking, faith does not contradict logic. It brings out hidden courage and potential in more ways than one. Realizing this is sufficient to move ahead in life.

If you lack faith and if events frighten you, then you drift away, lost and anchorless. Faith helps you find solid ground. When passing through difficult times, we need to renew our faith. During such a time, invoke the valor in you and tackle the challenge with confidence.

Throughout history, we have seen that people in the world have gone through difficult times, and come out stronger. Click To Tweet

You forget the strength within you — prayer and power of your Sankalpa (positive intention). Practices such as pranayama, yoga, meditation and Sudarshan Kriya will help a lot.

Faith leads to prayer, and prayer is a vital tool to improve your life. When you feel the obstacle is too much to handle, deep prayer can work miracles. Prayer is the cry of the soul. It happens when you feel utterly helpless or when you feel totally grateful. Both are authentic and always get answered.

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This brings devotion and it leads to surrender. Surrender means that which you cannot handle, you offer it to God, “There is no way that I can get rid of this stress. I need help,” then you will see changes happen immediately.

The act of praying itself has the power to bring about transformation. Realize that you are not alone in these difficult times. There is always an unseen hand working for you. Don’t underestimate the power of prayer. Prayer makes you strong and powerful. Hold onto your faith and pray for the ones who have crossed over. Your prayers will bring peace to them. Make the decision today, “Whatever happens, I will remain grounded. I will remain peaceful, and have faith that God’s protection is here with me. Whatever happens, God will always hold my hand.”