The human nervous system is so designed that it can exhibit the totality of consciousness. Living in a finite body, and expressing infinity, is the possibility of human life!

What is the highest state of the blossoming of consciousness?

The highest state of the blossoming of consciousness is that the consciousness, which is neither in the past, nor in the future, nor in the present but a witness to all three; or you can say that consciousness, which contains the infinite past, the infinite future and is totally available in the present moment.

It is like a kaleidoscope or a telescope. Let’s take the example of a telescope. A telescope can catch and bring into your vision, something that the naked eye cannot perceive! Through a telescope, you can see the faraway stars, the planets, and their movements, so much more clearly. Now, what does a telescope do? Well, it just magnifies the rays that are coming in anyway, and makes you aware of them; you can comprehend them.

In the same way, though the infinite Divine consciousness is present everywhere, its telescopic vision is an altered state of consciousness and that is what’s called samadhi.

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