Do not have any hatred towards anybody. Do not hate even the worst enemy, reach out to him. If you can’t reach out, never mind. At least in your heart do not hate anybody. Don’t hate any living being for that matter, not just people. What holds you back is your hatred. More than your love, your hatred holds you back. Because whomsoever you hate, you live with them, you eat with them, you bear with them mentally.

The person whom you hate occupies your upper chamber, your middle chamber and any other chamber left, everywhere they occupy. They occupy all of your time, your life, your thoughts, your emotions your mind, everything. So, if not for their sake, for your own sake better don’t hate anybody.

There are such people who are obnoxious, who you cannot stand, yes. But by hating them, you are destroying your beautiful mind, you are destroying your most precious brain and you are inflicting pain to your delicate heart.

Now how to get rid of it? Friendliness and compassion. People who are ahead of you, be friendly with them. Otherwise, you will feel jealous. And people who are behind you, who are hopeless, who are trouble- makers, have compassion for them. If you don’t have compassion for them, you will be angry and upset. And anyone who you find in between, kshama, forgive them.

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Whenever you are disturbed, doesn’t matter about what, ask yourself this question “Did I let it go, or are am I holding on to it? That determines your state of mind, that determines your peace or lack of it. By letting go you will get deep peace.

Better than the practice is knowledge or wisdom; and better than wisdom is deep meditation and letting go of the fruit of action. Because, when you let go, you renounce the whole past. What is Karma? The whole past, that burden we are carrying in our mind. When you let go of that, you get eternal peace, the peace that you are craving for.