Wake up and see the truth of life. What are you hanging on to? What breaks your heart? Someone’s behavior? Someone’s words? Weakness of the heart should be shunned and truth needs to be known. What is truth? 

Everything in the world is changing. Has changed, will change in the future. And you are going to drop your own body which you love so much. You want to move your hand, you cannot move, you want to lift your eyes, you cannot, you want to say something, you cannot move your tongue. Your whole body will strike and then you will simply have to exit out of this body, You exit dejected and frustrated because your body is totally rebellious to your commands. And the body will not listen to what you say. And when you exit, you see it’s like waste material. No one would like to get into it again. Such is the truth of life. Everything is going to disappear.

As long as you’re alive, wake up and do something good. Forget about it. Be bold, courageous. Don’t get stuck with the behavior of people. You needed it. It makes you strong. Be like a lion. Roar like a lion. Joy comes and goes, misery comes and goes. The Pleasure you are hanging on to cannot stay forever, cannot sustain you all the time. So pleasure and pain comes and goes in life. What is the big deal in a broken heart.

Know that you love everyone and everyone loves you and never doubt in the love. Its like something like space. It cannot diminish, it cannot go away. That’s true love. . Don’t waste your precious life in all the unwanted thoughts of your mind. If your limb is broken you can put a plaster. Your heart gets broken, you wake up and it’s never broken, its rubber. Make your heart  like rubber, not glass. Glass can break in heat or cold. Make it elastic like rubber. 

With knowledge and awareness, transform your mind and your actions. Feel grateful to be in this knowledge.