You feel this way because you have never gone deep into your inner self. You have not met your self. The moment you become aware and realize your inner true self, all fears and negativity simply disappear.

How can one meet one’s true self?

For a few moments just keep all your roles aside and think, ‘Who am I?‘ Go on asking yourself. When you continuously question yourself this way, you sink deeper and deeper into meditation, and then you will realize what the truth is. Once that happens, there will be no place for any kind of hatred, negativity, and aversions. In a matter of moments all this will simply vanish.

So it is a good exercise to keep asking yourself these questions. If you feel like, you can do this every day for a few moments. Just sit with yourself and go on asking yourself, ‘Who am I?’ As you do this, you will experience that the mind becomes silent, and begins to settle, and that very moment you become joyous and filled with happiness.