Your body is a universe in itself. So is your mind, which is a part of the big mind called Brahman. Even realising, “I am not just somebody, I am just the whole, I am the Brahman,” immediately washes away all the impurities. You start shining, sparkling like the day in which the clouds have disappeared.

The brightness of the sun shines through. So even though many cells are being born and dying but you still exist. In the same way, the Brahman still exists even though so many people are born and so many people are dying.

One whose space is merged with the infinite space, sees everyone as part of himself. Click To Tweet

With a gentle touch of that Brahman, extreme happiness and bliss wells up in you. Love is in that space and that is why when you feel love, you feel that person belongs to you. If they feel some thing, you feel something. You feel they are not different from you. Your space and their space is merged. But one whose space is merged with the infinite space, sees everyone as part of himself.

Lord Krishna talks about the word that is coming from the big mind when He says, “He who sees me everywhere and sees all things in me does not lose sight of me nor do I of him”. The big mind says you feel the air. Do you know air also feels you? You look at the mountain. How about the mountain which also looks at you?

If the entire universe is prana and if one prana can feel the other prana, then the other prana can also feel. This is quantum physics. The subject has an impact on the object. When the yogi, realises that this is the same space that is present in her, in him and feels the inner connectivity with that space and with every one, that is real prayer, real worship, real honouring.

That is when you know that the universe feels you, the big mind never loses sight of you and you are not alone. The whole world belongs to you.