This is because of stress and strain, tension, and ignorance. This ignorance we call ego, this darkness that is not a substance. When the light comes, the darkness just vanishes. The purpose of knowing, the purpose of every civilization, is to facilitate the opening of love.

Some people are of the opinion that knowledge alone can do this. Through understanding and through meditation, you get over these barriers and become simple, natural, and innocent, and this leads to love.

Others are of the opinion that only when love dawns, then complete knowledge comes. Both are true because they are interdependent. If you really love something, you want to know more about it. If you love yourself, you want to know more about yourself. You want to go deep into yourself. Wanting knowledge of that which you love is very natural. And when you have knowledge of anything in its totality, you will certainly love it.

There is a saying, “Familiarity breeds contempt.” This may be true but it is only familiarity, not total knowing. If you are just familiar then contempt might occur, but if you are thoroughly acquainted, if you know something extremely well, then love arises because deep in everything there is love. Love is the core of the entire existence.

That is why Jesus said, “God is Love.” Love is omniscient and permeating everything, like God. He drew the synonym. Love is God. Divinity is present everywhere. There is one single love that also manifests as fear, as hatred, as anger, as all the different emotions. In all our relationships and dealings there are only two perspectives, either there is love or there is indifference. There is no third perspective. When there is indifference, there is no anger, there is no hatred, there is no fear. A distorted form of love is anger, hatred, fear, and other emotions. We see all these happening in life. Love becomes distorted because of a lack of knowledge.

Knowledge helps love to flower, and love, in turn, brings complete knowledge. Click To Tweet