When you receive even before the desire arises, that is calledsiddhi. Suppose you get almonds after you lose all your teeth, that is bad luck. When you get almonds when you have teeth, that is good luck.

Also, whenever you wish for something, and if there is clarity, sincerity and purity in it, and if the wish is not for your pleasure but for the good of everybody, then it automatically starts happening. What logically you may think is impossible becomes possible. This is Sankalpa Shakti (the power of intention). So intention, attention and manifestation are the 3 steps that work in this.

If you say, “I want a lot of wealth”, what does that mean? Our consciousness is like a computer, so you have to define ‘a lot’. Mention specifically, ‘I want this’, then have to keep your attention on it and see, it will manifest.