The Divine should be allowed to permeate. ‘Wake the Divine Up’ is an expression used. God is within each one, sleeping. It is said, first man wakes up and then the Divinity is awoken. For those in whom the Divinity is awoken, He is called a Saint. Wake up the God in you. He is not up in heaven somewhere, He resides within.

It is symbolised in the Hindu scriptures as Lord Narayana resting on the snake with His consort Lakshmi at his side. When Narayana is woken up, so is Lakshmi. Enlightenment is wakening the Divinity. Most important thing is to remember is that the means of being in Love is to be with someone who is in Love, being in the company of the Divine. When you are with an enlightened Saint, you become like them. When grace comes, grab it! Often disgruntled people group together!

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“Mahath” is what exists beyond the field of ego – in the whole creation. If ego is an atom, beyond the atom, the space is Mahath. Therefore, one who lives in this space element is called Mahatma. The Company of one who is free can only give you freedom. Company of the rich will bring you riches. The company of the Divine will make you be in Divine Love. During the time of Jesus, only 12 innocent people knew Him, the others didn’t. It needs some sensitivity. Knowledge of the Divinity in Jesus also comes with Grace only – even for that grace is needed. The ways of the Lord is very different.

You cannot demand the company of the Saints. One gets it by grace only. It is purely the choice of the Divine to give Company. Its like the story of a nun reaching hell. The nun was sure there was a mistake and asked for clarifications with God. God confirmed her place in hell as he said, he didn’t want to be bothered by her, like she did on Earth!! But the taxi driver goes to heaven because he got his passengers to pray sincerely when he drove!! When we are in bliss, there is no separation between you and the Divine, there is no gap. Do not miss an opportunity to be in good company, satsang. This will awaken the Divinity within.