The insecure and the obstinate are two types of people who are not good communicators.

The insecure do not believe in the love and compassion of the world or of divinity. They do not feel connected to divinity or to people, so they make an extra effort to make a connection, which usually goes wrong. They neither realize the power within them nor do they trust others. They see ulterior motives behind the words and actions of others and are haunted by imaginary ghosts, thus they end up creating chaos and misery for themselves and others.

On the other hand, obstinate people are closed to others points of view and they don’t move with the times. Hence they often get a beating by time. You can not argue with obstinate people, for they have their own logic and reasoning. Making them see reason is a futile exercise. Their circle of communication is very small and they have an open mind to the views of very few people. There is a combination of planets that can create obstinacy in people.

To deal with both these people is an art. Words do not work. Only positive prana and vibrations can make an impact.