The Story of Shumbha and Nishumba

There were 2 demons – Shumbha and Nishumbha. As they became very powerful, they started committing atrocities on everyone. That was when Devi (Mother Divine) arrived on a lion to slay them. When they saw Devi coming towards them, they were smitten and asked her to marry them. She set a condition that she would marry whoever could defeat her in a battle. This seemed a very small matter to the powerful demons. They sent their assistants, Dhoomralochana, Chanda, and Munda to fight with her. The three of them fought with her but were killed. Finally, Shumbha and Nishumbha also fought but were also killed. That is how Mother Divine became victorious over all these demons.

Meaning of the stories

These stories have fascinating explanations. Shumbha and Nishumbha, two brothers, represent self-doubt and doubt on others. Whenever someone doubts themselves, they doubt others too. And those who doubt others also have self-doubt. Both work in tandem. 

Being with or living with a person who has self-doubt can be miserable. So, these 2 demons cause havoc. No creativity or major achievement is possible with self-doubt. So, what can you do? It suppresses all the good qualities in you – creativity, ability to manage and so on. Transformation is a not possible in this scenario. With doubt comes, Dhoomralochana, another demon, meaning the ‘smoky eyed one’ – one who has blurred or foggy vision. Those with foggy vision authenticate your opinion (of self-doubt) – they strengthen or confirm your doubt.

Then comes Chanda and Munda – Chanda means one who has no body, only head meaning those people who are headstrong, impractical, arrogant, and incapable of listening to anything from anybody. They have deaf ears and blind eyes. That attitude is Chanda. And Munda is the body without the head, meaning one who acts without seeing or understanding. He is one with whom you cannot communicate. How can you communicate with a body without a head? All communication happens with the head! When this is not there, it becomes a great demonic force. 

What this means is that when knowledge and action are separated, both become demonic. Having a head without action is impractical. These people only think, they are incapable of action. They will only criticize everybody. If you ask them to do anything, they cannot. This is Chanda. Whereas one who acts without understanding is Munda. So, they both cause havoc. 

To get over narrow-mindedness, arrogance, greed, serve the Mother Divine. Listen to the story of Mother Divine. When the energy and prana wake up, all blessings will beckon you. All your desires will come to you. Click To Tweet

The form that Devi takes is Koushiki. Koushiki means one who is in the kosha – the Panchakosha or five sheaths – environment i.e. food, prana, mind, wisdom, and bliss. Devi assumes a body of beauty, bliss, truth, and wisdom, and slays all the demons. When the prana, kundalini shakti, bliss awakens within you, your doubts disappear. This is what happens when you do Sudarshan Kriya. When there is high prana in you, doubt disappears. In that space, your perception becomes clear – Dhoomrachana is dead. Arrogance, adamant and unreasonable attitude, and mindless action – all disappear. 

The story of Raktabheeja and Devi

Raktabheeja was an asura. He had a boon that when a drop of his blood fell to the ground, hundreds of others were born in its places. This indicates that in every DNA of ours, all our qualities and history are embedded. So, it is essential that we are transformed from the basics. Devi does just this. She comes with a trident of wisdom, love, and action and frees you from demonic qualities that are present deep in your DNA. The glory of the Divine is all compassion and love. She rides on a lion. See the contrast. Compassion riding on a beast! That is what brings you back to the principle – Opposite values are complementary. Recognize and appreciate this law. Your mind is only a little part of the BIG MIND. 

Your body is part of the existence. You are part of the universe. If there is some problem with the air, everything is affected. The environment is our first body. Our food is from the environment. That is why it is called ‘Anna’maya Kosha. The Divinity which is in all these 5 sheaths, Mother Divine is present in every particle of Creation.

There is another story – A king had lost his kingdom and a businessman his business – both had lost their livelihood. They go to a guru – Markandeya Rishi and they bow down to him. He guides them. 

“You have lost your kingdom because you were arrogant, and you lost your business because you were blind, arrogance greedy. To get over narrow-mindedness, arrogance, greed, serve the Mother Divine. Listen to the story of Mother Divine. When the energy and prana wake up, all blessings will beckon you. All your desires will come to you.” 

They connected the macro and microcosm. Every aspect of life is involved and that is called yagna. It is done for the welfare of all human beings. The precise mantras, procedures, herbs etc have a huge impact on our lives. 

(Based on The Story Of Shumbha And Nishumbha & The Story Of Durga And Raktabeejasura by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar)