Drop these impressions of the past experiences with different people. They may have been wonderful. They may have seemed to be your soulmate for so many lifetimes! You may never have felt like that with anybody else before. When you talk of soulmates, you talk in terms of lifetimes; not just today! The mind goes on empty talk. It’s the vāsanā (your impressions) that propel you. There is no weight behind them. Even when you tell somebody you love them, make sure that you are not saying it out of your vāsanā , your own impressions, your own cravings for some joy. You say that you love somebody. But do you really love the person? Is it coming from your space of love, or out of your craving? You will wonder. You will see that it’s all because of the vāsanā , the impressions in you.

But with vāsanā(impressions) a tail is always attached i.e. pain, problems, misery, and discomfort. When you drop the vāsanā from your mind, you become free right away.

You do not have to wait many lifetimes, but right now, at this very moment you can drop them and become free. When you feel you are stuck with relationship problems, observe Nature. Wonder about the stones and the trees! When you drive, see how vast this land is!  So many people have come and gone. The same consciousness has taken form in so many bodies, and they have all died. This world is a burial ground. Everybody has died here. They have come and gone. And you are going to go. You are going to go alone. At that moment, your mind will relax and open up. All the misery will drop. Just observe Nature. Nothing is permanent here.

Somebody is very beautiful (some boy or girl) and they have been very good and loving to you. So what! They will not be here in another fifty or two hundred years. Where will they be? They are going to be ashes in fifty years or hundred years! Get free from the vāsanā . The Being is immortal; the consciousness is immortal; the Gurū is immortal; the rishi, the māhārishi is immortal. And, you are also immortal and eternal. Expand your world, and your shrunken vāsanā will drop away. The world is so big. Have more experiences. Be open to new experiences.