Time is the gift of life, to you. When you consider time as a gift, your entire outlook towards life shifts. In the cycle of time, every event in life has something wonderful in it and something not so favourable. The good or favourable part makes you joyful, bringing peace and tranquility. When unfavourable things happen, you need to have strength and courage for they bring a depth to life. Every challenge brings an opportunity to improve your skills and helps you to realise your potential. 

So, on the last days of 2021, it is good to reflect how time swept you through different events and has now brought you to a New Year. Look at the year that has passed and the experiences it has brought you. Like every year, 2021, too, offered you gifts, while the challenging times made you more resilient. 

While the lockdowns and social distancing kept people apart, technology brought nations together – millions across the globe came together, virtually, to meditate twice each day. With the help of technology, we reached out to hundreds and thousands of distressed and anxious minds, and helped them regain the strength to carry on! Across all nations, the year 2021 brought home the most important lesson that human values cannot be compromised. Love, compassion, a sense of belongingness, gratefulness for what you have, and a vision for the whole world has to dawn in every life! 

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The pandemic forced millions of people globally to face the reality of illness and death, experience anxiety and fear. Now at this time of the New Year, many wonder, “So many people lost their lives, how can we celebrate?”. If you arrange a party just to satisfy yourself, when your celebration is aimed merely to gratify yourself, to draw pleasure from it, then you will definitely feel guilty. But if your intention is to uplift those around you – your friends, family, loved ones, neighbours, then don’t delay it! In such a scenario, the celebration itself, even if it is virtual, becomes an act of service. When your celebration becomes your service, you will find there is no guilt. 

From the ashes of 2021, and the ushering of 2022, we have a great responsibility to uplift the collective consciousness of the world. A new creation has come in and, with it, a new hope for everyone on the planet. And I am certain that all of us here have the capacity to not only uplift ourselves, but also those around us. So in the coming year, let us celebrate with the intention of bringing knowledge and happiness to everyone – to awaken everyone to the fact that everything is impermanent. What is eternal? It is the spirit of our consciousness – it does not change, it has no life nor death. Remind everyone that life on a higher plane is eternal. Let us celebrate every moment and be grateful, for time is a gift to us.