One of the techniques that I advocate and teach everywhere is the Sudarshan Kriya. Sudarshan means the right vision of who I am.“Kriya” means purifying action. It produces a deep calm in the mind while every cell in the body becomes enlivened with energy. This cleansing process powerfully dissolves stress.

In one hour’s time, after the very first practice, you will see how the energy, the mind, and oxygen penetrate deep into every cell of your body and cleanse you on a very deep level. Every cell of your body gets cleansed, energized, and more oxidized.

The pituitary gland has a connection to the hypothalamus gland which is the seat of your consciousness, your mind. Even today, scientists don’t know what is the real function of this hypothalamus, but it is connected with the pituitary gland, which carries out order throughout the body.

Thousands of years ago people had written about this. They had not known anything about pituitary glands but they said, “Here in this place in the body is a center where just a little focus can affect the whole nervous system in a very positive way.”

Consciousness works through these glands and brings energy into the immune system, strengthens one’s immune system. In Sanskrit, health is said to be “swasta.” “Swasta” means health and also means, stabilized in one’s Self. Health means centered. The very word indicates if your mind is focused, centered, free of disturbances, solid. That is health.

Have you ever wondered how does a negative thought arise? If you attend to the source of negative thought you will realize that they come because of tension and stress. A relaxed, happy person will not get negative thoughts. You see? The more miserable one is, the more negative thoughts come. Instead of rubbing the mind with a positive thought, go deep into yourself, through the breath, through meditation, and cleanse the system. Go to the root of it, eliminate the cause, the very root of negativity. It doesn’t take a long time. Especially with the Sudarshan Kriya, it’s so immediate. Just two days of practice, one hour each day, cleanses the body so much, makes you feel so light.

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