Head understands head and heart understands heart. The nose can only smell; eyes can only see; ears can only hear. Similarly, the heart can only feel while the head can only think. We try to put the heart in the head and the head in the heart and it doesn’t seem to work. Your heart feels something is beautiful, whereas head says it is beautiful. We cling on to the word in the mind but we don’t feel it. We repeat the word ‘beautiful’ in the head but it doesn’t seem or feel beautiful.

Same thing about love, you talk too much about love, you get stuck in the head and it doesn’t rise in the heart. In silence, love emits, radiates.  We experience ourselves in the things we love more.  That is why, when we lose the things we love, we feel hurt; we feel unhappy.  Suppose you love your piano very much and you hear that something has happened to your piano, something gets cut off in you.  Or, if something happens to your car or your dog, you feel a loss. So you are not just living in your body, but also in that of the objects / people you love.  But if you can expand this existence even more to cover the entirety, you will know that there is no loss and you are total. 

Blue pearl means that which is shining, that which is radiant, that which is infinite; yet, it seems to be finite. Click To Tweet

You are a blue pearl.  Blue is beautiful; blue is something that is big, vast and infinite. All that is immense, that is infinite in creation that has depth expresses itself in blue. The sky is blue, the ocean is blue. You are a blue pearl, in the sense that you can’t be measured.  You are so deep in your being. Though you are in the body, nobody can measure your being. The being in you is not just the blue infinity; it’s a shining radiant infinity that is deep and immense. Blue pearl means that which is shining, that which is radiant, that which is infinite; yet, it seems to be finite.

When we start listening to our heart, then we know that all is one; and one God is in all. See, in our body we have so many cells and each cell has got its own life.  Many cells are being born every day, many cells are dying but they do not know you. You know if something is wrong with one particular cell; you can feel it.  Similarly, though we all have small lives, there is one life that covers and governs all the other lives.   

We are all floating in an ocean of life; a big life. It is not just empty space all around us; it is lively big life. And in the big sea of life there, all shells are floating and each shell has got a little water in it which is not the water separate from the water in the sea. So, we come out of our shells and experience, “I am not just in the body, but I am expanded all over; everywhere, it’s me there and it’s me here. I see myself in everybody”. That is the essence of life!