At a time when people were lost in endless intellectual discussions about God and Self, everyone arguing and believing themselves to be right, a simple saint of great depth woke them up by giving a call: ‘The Divine cannot be reduced to thought, even by thinking lakhs of times.’ Guru Nanak Dev’s teachings continue to be relevant to the world. Of all rishis, sages, and seers who have blessed this planet, Guru Nanak Dev has a unique place. He put forth the essence of all scriptures in the simplest words that people can understand and absorb.

The first guru of the Sikhs would say, “you don’t have to be scared of God.” After having conversations with Siddhas, the ‘perfected ones’, he said only a few people will be able to renounce the world. But the highest knowledge is available here for every human being beyond caste, class and circumstances. Young or old, everybody is qualified to receive this knowledge. He spoke from experience and revolutionized the world. Guru Nanak Dev’s contribution to Indian philosphy is unique, beautiful and timeless; they need to be taught to every human being.

Another beauty of Guru Nanak’s teachings is that philosophy and practical living go hand-in-hand. We cannot speak of philosophy that cannot be practised in daily life. For example, any talk about sustainability, needs to be backed by strong philosophy. Guru Nanak’s teachings seamlessly blend the two, where serving the people, taking care of water, natural resources and the planet is  considered divine service.

Guru Nanak Dev’s contribution to Indian philosphy is unique, beautiful and timeless; they need to be taught to every human being. Click To Tweet

The Japji Sahib composed by Guru Nanak Dev says, “Ek Onkar,  God is One; Satnam, His name is true; Karta-purakh, creator;  Nirbhau, without fear; Nirvair, inimical to none; Akal-murat,  immortal; Ajuni saibhang, beyond birth and death; Gurparsad,  realized by the kindness of the true guru; Jap, chanting his name;  Aad sach, the truth before creation, Jugaad Sach, eternal truth; hai  bhi sach, truth here and now; Nanak hose bhi sach, He will be true  in the future.”

The whole world is born from one Onkaar. Around us everything  is composed of its vibrations alone. It is there everywhere, but it  can only be understood through the guru. Guru Nanak Dev spoke of the unity of mankind, that people of all  faiths should work together. He said, there is just one Karta Daata,  doer-creator, who is indivisible, and just one cause of causes.

A sense of separation comes when we consider others as different  from us but when we know that the root, source, is one, can there  be separation? Realising we are one, all enmity disappears.  This separation exists when we hold onto something, to our idea of  right and wrong, and there is no surrender. Then you will miss  Gurprasad. Repeat God’s name -jap karo. Being hateful leads a  person towards self-destruction. But for someone who is always in  remembrance of God, in divine love, repetition of the divine name  comes naturally to them, and they find the highest joy in it. 

Guru Nanak Dev has given his blessed words Gurbani, to enable  us to lead a beautiful life. Such knowledge should be listened to,  with great sincerity, honour and devotion. When you consider this  knowledge as sacred, then life itself becomes sacred.

Wishing all Happy Guru Nanak Jayanti!