Once upon a time, the Devas began to feel that the whole world was theirs, so a Yaksha went to challenge them. The Devas sent Agni, the energy of the fire element to the challenge and to see who this Yaksha was. Agni said, “I can burn anything, I can transform anything.” So the Yaksha threw a blade of grass in front of Agniand challenged Agni to burn it, to transform it. However, Agni could not do anything. Agni affirmed again, “I am Agni, I am Chatur Veda, I am somebody.” That particular divine energy limited itself to be somebody, some particular energy. So what happened? Its power got diminished. It did not identify itself with Brahman, with the cosmic energy, but considered itself as a particular type of energy, a particular individual. It limited its power and capacity.

The lesson here is practical: Do not underestimate anybody. Do not think that you are the only intelligent one, and do not underestimate any challenge even if it comes from ‘beneath’ you.

Agni went back to the other Devas, defeated. So they sent Vayu, the atmosphere, but even the wind was not able to lift the blade of grass. Then Indra, the lord of mind, the lord of all the Devas was sent. A Yaksha could not be seen through the eyes, nor felt through the skin or touch. The previous two Devas could not find out who this Yaksha was, but Indra, the lord of the mind, went close to the Yaksha who transformed himself into the beautiful divine mother. The Indra consciousness came to the kundalini spirit, the Mother Divine energy. The Devi, the mother divine energy, is a symbol of compassion, of submission, of sensitivity, of beauty. The lord of the mind surrendered to the mother divine, she reminded him that the victory of Brahman is the victory of everything. Only then did the lord of the mind, when enamoured by the divine, discovered who the Yaksha was, and what Truth is.

With the help of the mother divine, all the Devas could understand that all this is Brahman. The experience of the Devas comes as a flash. In one moment they come to you, then disappear. This is called daivi loka, the world of the Devas. You may experience a few moments of that energy, before it disappears. You are in Brahman all the time, but the Devas, the Devi energy, the higher levels of consciousness can be perceived like a flash, like lightning. In the blink of an eye, experience comes and disappears. It is just a glimpse, it comes and it disappears.

This is the world of gods and goddesses, but that is not it. The spiritual world is a step further, where the mind simply dissolves. It is a gift to you. This very knowledge is a gift to you. This very awareness is a gift to you. The very awareness that you are part of the whole, or that the whole is part of you, is a gift. The very fact that you are able to even hear that this is Brahman and the universe is made up of only one, is a gift.

The Vedas say charaiveti, charaiveti, “Keep moving”. When you do yoga and meditation, when you do charity, when you do good work, when you do have a good heart, miracles will keep happening in abundance. You have the ability to bless others. Do not think that this is your victory, like that Devas. Or else you will not be able to lift even a blade of grass.The infinite consciousness is using you as an instrument, making all these things happen in the universe. See that one in all. That is your victory. That is the victory of Brahman, that is acceptance of Brahman, and that is Brahman accepting you.