There’s a story. There was a housefly. This fly was always living on the leg of an elephant. It used to sit there. And one day it got angry at the elephant. Said, “Okay, now I am going to leave this elephant.” And then when he decided to leave, the elephant was moving actually, so a lot of dust arose. And then the fly thought, “Oh, see, I have moved so much dust, a storm is coming. Let it hit the elephant. It will suffer.” Now the elephant is not even aware there was a fly sitting on its leg. This is such ignorant talk saying, “I don’t want to give my power to somebody.” To whom will you give power? Do you have any power? What power do you have? You don’t know what your mind is. You don’t know how the mind works. You don’t know how your mind acts, at what time, where it leads. It has only led you to so much misery again and again. There is no power at all in the mind. There is power only in the Divine. That is the only source of power. But our shell, our ego, our resistance, our fear makes a resistance, and the resistance in turn protects the fear, so one remains in a small shell. So there’s nothing to be afraid of. Drop it.