Acharya (teacher) gives knowledge and Guru gives height of awareness and makes you alive. Acharya gives information, Guru gives intelligence, an awakened intelligence. Mind is connected with moon. Full moon is completion, the pinnacle. On Gurupurnima the devotee wakes up in full gratitude. Devotee becomes like an ocean moving in itself. It’s the time to come in fullness. It’s a time to celebrate. It’s also called “Vyasa Purnima”. Vyasa had given knowledge on each and every subject. So in Gurupunima you remember all gurus of the past. It is

the day when devotee arises in full gratitude, they turn back and see how they changed and developed in the last 1 year. They assess what lessons they have learned and how they are growing in knowledge. It’s reviewing yourself in knowledge. Mind needs to be reminded again and again, so we review it. It is time to review how much knowledge you could ingrain in your life in past one year. This may bring about a realization for scope of improvement which in turn will bring humility in you. Be grateful for the way this knowledge has transformed you. Just think how you could have been without this. There is a definite change inside you. If you cannot see any hange, then you haven’t had a good look in yourself. Gratitude and humility together blossom a genuine prayer inside you! Guru is a tatva – an element, a quality; inside you. It is not limited to a body or a form.Life is an ocean of love. Flow the lamp of knowledge in it. Even let the knowledge be flown away in the ocean of love. The ego that comes out of truth and knowledge is dangerous. Sense of righteousness makes you hard. So in the wave of devotion and love; you even let the knowledge get washed out.