Once in the late 80s or early 90s, I was traveling in a car in New Delhi with an elderly couple who had some work in the city. So, I took them with me and while returning either I had to go back by auto rickshaw or they would have to return back in a three-wheeler (auto rickshaw). I told this elderly couple that they should not go back in a three-wheeler. I gave my car to them and told them “You go in this car. I will get a three-wheeler and go.” They were very hesitant, they were not ready to accept, but I insisted they should go and be comfortable.

My assistant and I both got out of the car and we took an auto rickshaw(3 wheeler). When I got into the rickshaw, the driver with folded hands apologized to me, “Gurudev, I am so sorry for the pictures that are here.” On both sides of the rickshaw, he had put some posters, pictures of movie actors and actresses. Very apologetically, he told me, “I put these pictures here, please don’t mind.” I said, “I don’t mind!” Then he sat in the rickshaw and said, “Whose picture I want to put, He doesn’t have a face. I would have loved to put the picture of that One, but He doesn’t have a face, so I put these pictures.”

Then, with tears in his eyes, he said, “How grateful, how lucky I am! He Himself is sitting in my rickshaw today. I have waited for this for all my life.” Ongoing a little further he said, “The rickshaw is His, He is sitting and He is driving.” A rickshaw driver brings out the highest philosophy of Oneness!

The whole universe is filled with just One Thing, One Spirit and everybody is made up of that One Spirit.

In Gita, Lord Krishna said the same thing:


Brahmarpanam brahma havir, brahmagnau brahmana hutam, brahmaiva tena gantavyam, brahma-karma-samadhina (4.24).

The fire is Brahman, the one who is offering in the fire is Brahman, the thing that is being offered is also Brahman, and there is nothing other than Brahman, and the real action of Brahman is Samadhi.”