Discomfort happens on three levels: physical, mental, and ethereal level. They are body, mind and soul. Yagya is that which takes you out of all three discomforts, brings you comfort on all three levels: physical, mental, and spiritual.

Yagya is that action which does not bind you, which does not limit you. It is an action which brings only good to you and others. It is yagya that purifies our life, purifies our mind, purifies our actions. 

When you honor the Divine quality, do some good actions, chant, sing, don’t think you are just doing it for your own comfort; it is also creating ripples in the subtle atmosphere. The angels are happy. Every time you meditate and chant, sing with all love and joy, then you are giving food to the angels. All those moments of devotion in your life have immensely enriched the subtle universe. It has brought abundance to that plane of existence, nourished that plane of existence. In return, you receive a lot of blessings from there.

Yagya has three aspects: Deva Puja, Sangatikarana, Dana.

Deva Puja is honoring the Divinity, honoring the subtle existence.

Sangatikarana is bringing everyone together, taking everyone along with you. It has another meaning. Among the different faculties of yours – body, mind, breath – bringing a harmony among them is also Sangatikarana.

Dana is giving, gifting.

When you do charity, when you help someone who is really in need, then that soul, on a physical level, feels a sigh of relief, and the sigh of relief from that soul brings positive vibrations towards you. These good deeds that you do bring you merit, which helps you go deep inside. You should have certain merit in order to go into meditation also – not everybody can do it. When you do some charity and good work, then so many souls, so many people, feel happy. Their happiness comes to you as a blessing and that blessing helps you go deep in meditation.

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