Significance of Devi Kavacham 

The Devi Kavacham is the different names of the Devi taken to different parts of the body. It’s almost like Yoga Nidra but with names because every name has got some quality and some energy, and name and form are very closely related.

Kavach’ means armour, It creates an armour around us. The Devi kavacham consists of  the Mother Divine’s names that makes an armour around us, around our body. Especially during Navaratris, this is done on all the nine days. It is very important. Sit and listen to it. The protection is anyway there, but the listening somewhere does something – it elevates one’s spirit.

That is why it is called mantra kavach; a mantra creates the sense of an armor around your body.

Sometimes you meet some people and you feel like talking to them. You get good vibes from them. Sometimes you meet people and you want to avoid them. Do you know why? The negative vibes around a person make them repulsive. Mantras turn around these negative, repulsive vibrations, into more positive and attractive vibrations. This is the advantage of mantra chanting.