It’s not just the planets that affect you. You can also affect them. It’s not just that the stones you wear that will affect you. You can also affect them. In fact, your effect on them is much more powerful than their effect on you. You can touch a stone or crystal, and they can absorb your vibration for quite a while. 

In India, there are crystal Shiv-lingams, the idols that are kept in temples. Whenever a saint does an offering or worship or consecrates it, the place becomes holy. And the energy there is sustained for a long period of time. When people visit these places, they feel calm, quiet and happy. When our mind is really centered and connected to the source of energy within us, then we affect the planets. 

In astrology, there is a chapter called Upaya, which means remedies. Suppose there is a bad effect of a planet on a person at some time, it is possible to correct it. A person can meditate during bad times. He goes beyond time and space when he meditates – beyond the intellect. The effect of the rays or the planet is only up to the intellect. It cannot go beyond the intellect. It stops at the body, breath, mind and intellect. We are the source of energy and cannot be touched or affected by the outer configuration of planets. 

There is a story in the Puranas. There was a couple who did not have any children. So they prayed and it is said that God came to them in a dream and asked them what kind of son did they want – a stupid son with one hundred years of life or an intelligent one with only sixteen years of life? They opted for an intelligent boy with only sixteen years of life. Of course, they got a son and they believed that when he was fifteen years old he would die in one year. Only one year. He was extraordinary, brilliant, a genius, and naturally, the parents didn’t like the idea of losing such a wonderful son. So they prayed and it is said when the death call came, the boy sat in deep meditation and prayed and recited some mantras. He was granted another sixteen years. Today, people still recite the mantra made by this boy when there is some danger to life. It is well known in India. 

One can remedy the effects of the planets by going beyond time, going beyond body consciousness and the breath consciousness, like in sleep. When you sleep, you are not aware of the body, you are not aware of the breath and you are not aware of the world around you. You transcend these. You make a shift. It gives you rest and refreshes you. It brings back more life energy into your life. Most of our illnesses are healed just by sleep. This is because in sleep we go beyond time and space, but we do it unconsciously. If we do it consciously, it is mediation. It is much more powerful than sleep.

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