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Q: Wisdom?
Essential in life

Q: Relationships?
Difficult to keep it harmonious. But you should try nevertheless

Q: Magic? 

Always there in life, especially in The Art of Living

Keep it short and smart

Q: Sanskrit?
Mother of all languages. 

Q: Environment?
Needs protection.

Q: Money?
Only a means, not an end in itself.

Q: Prayers?
When it is sincere, will be answered.

Q: Bhanu Didi(Gurudev’s Sister)?
Favourite to everybody

Q: Your Secretaries?
Very hardworking. It is a big challenge.

Q: Satisfaction?
Satisfaction comes from service.

Q: Blessings?
You have in abundance.

Q: Bangalore Ashram?
Heaven on Earth.

Q: Technology?
Meant to bring comfort.

Q: Ayurveda?
Medicine of the next century, and medicine of the past.

Q: Toys?
Remember you are one in the hands of the Divine.
From being a toy of your emotions, moves on to being a toy of the Divine

Q: Patriotism?
We need to kindle this now. It is high time. India needs it.

Q: Yoga?
That makes you intelligent, and the intelligent one goes for it.

Q: Ego?
If you find it, keep it. Don’t try to get rid of it

Q: Love?
Your very nature.

Q: Shiva?
All that is, that will be, and that was.

Q: Shopping?
Don’t bring it in the spiritual field, at least.

Q; Humility?
Behavior of the matured person.

Q: Consciousness?
Beauty, Truth and Knowledge.

Q: Art of Living?
The way, the goal.