Break through all the barriers and feel that you Are Blessed.

This Is The One And Only Step You Have To take – the rest will all happen.

This deep sense of feeling that “I am blessed” can help you overcome any obstacles in life. It gives you courage and confidence and it will open your lid for grace to be poured in.

Once you realize that you are blessed, then:

  • All the complaints disappear
  • All the grumbling disappears
  • All the insecurities disappear
  • A sense of feeling unloved disappears
  • Wanting love disappears.

If you don’t realize you are blessed, then the doership begins.

And especially for those on this path of knowledge, there is no reason for you to not feel blessed. So, feel you are blessed. This is the first step towards the Self.

Blessing comes to you in many forms.

  • If you are generous, blessing comes to you as abundance.
  • If you are hardworking, blessing comes to you as happiness.
  • If you are lazy, blessing comes to you as hard work! (Laughter)
  • If you are pleasure loving, blessing comes to you as dispassion.
  • If you are dispassionate, blessing comes to you as knowledge of the Self.

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