It is not people who hurt you. It is your own foolishness, your own mind, your own vulnerability and your own emotions that entangle you, and make you feel hurt.

Do you think people have no other business, that they want to come and hurt you? What can hurt you? Somebody’s words, somebody’s selfishness, somebody not caring for you. You love somebody and you think they don’t care for you, or you have helped somebody and they do not talk to you, and that hurts.

My dear, wake up and see, is there an intention in them to hurt you? You need to see things from the other side as well.

Place yourself in their position. Many times it happens that you never intended to hurt someone, yet they felt hurt by your action. What do you tell these people who feel that you have hurt them?  You say, ‘I did not mean it, something happened through me. I did not mean to hurt you, but an incident or event happened that gave you an idea that I hurt you’. Now if you really intended to hurt somebody, then it means you have a deep hurt inside you. Even then, you are worthy of being excused, and you have to excuse the other person as well.

If someone has hurt you intentionally, you should know that they are sick. What should be your attitude towards someone who is sick? You should be compassionate towards them. If someone has not intended to hurt you, it is an unintentional act, then it is your own mistake. You can only blame your own perception, and not them.
If someone has scolded you or used harsh words that have hurt you, and they have done it with a very good intention, then you can only thank them. Then the friendship grows.

If a friend has insulted you, knowingly, you can only thank them.

This is because they have had the courage to give you their piece of mind, what you needed, otherwise why would they do it? Why would anyone want to hurt you at their own cost? Nobody wants to risk their friendship. What should your attitude be? ‘Thank you! You did something good to me, it has made me strong.’

It is all in your hands, how you view things; what type of intention you put out there, that will come back to you.

Wake up and see that there is none other than the One, and the One comes to you in many forms. It is all for your growth, well-being, and happiness. The universe is so loving, and compassionate towards you. If you can keep this wisdom in your heart, nobody can hurt you.