In ancient India, the Rishis used to have schools or universities in which they used to train psychics. Psychic means the one who can see into the future.

So, people would stay for twelve or thirteen years and meditate, go deep within and then the master would give them a task. He would say, ‘In 2015, on this particular day, at this particular minute, somebody will be born. Astrologically, you calculate and predict how their life will be.’

It involves two things – astrological calculation and an insight into space and time. So, this is what they used to do.
However, since these were written by the students, it need not be hundred percent true. Students can make mistakes. They will be seventy to eighty percent correct.
They can only give you a possibility, that something may happen.

Once upon a time, a monk from China wanted to meet me He is known as a very big clairvoyant. Two to three thousand people go to him every day.
He called one of our organizers when I was in Indonesia and he said that he wanted to come and take blessings from me. 

He is a very nice person, a very nice soul. He just came, silently sat for some time, took blessings and went back on the next flight.
One of the devotees, who was very inquisitive said, ‘You should predict and tell us what is going to happen with The Art of Living and Guruji’.

He said, ‘No, I cannot predict. I cannot predict about someone who is free. I can only predict if the mind is caught up. I cannot predict about one who has no mind’. He said, ‘Where there is no mind, there is only space, I cannot predict. Guruji is just space, I cannot predict him’.

If you are a meditator and if you are on the path of spiritual knowledge, you keep changing your destiny, since you are bringing more positivity into your life.

You are not bound by certain events in life.

For example if your jupiter goes into the eighth house, astrologers may warn you that your mind may go topsy turvy,  Your faith may be shaken and you will be low on confidence, etc. So, do your meditation, pranayama, prayers regularly and you can pass that stage. They also advice you not to take any decisions at this time.