Love has neither name nor form, but manifests in all names and in all forms. This is the mystery of the creation. You can see love everywhere in this creation only if you have an eye to see it. Just see how a bird comes and feeds the young one in the nest. The young bird waits for the mother to come. There is love in that. There is love among fish. There is love in the sky. There is love underneath the water. There is love on the ground. And there is love in the outer space. Love goes with courage.

Look at the courage of Jesus. He completely overthrows the common concepts of people such as, ‘The strong will inherit the earth’. He turns it around, “The meek shall inherit the earth. The meek shall inherit heaven.” For love makes you meek. However strong you are, when you are in love, you are the weakest. Love is the strongest force in this universe and yet, it makes you meek. 

You cannot understand the sayings of Jesus if you are not alive with ‘ prana ’, with life force. The knowledge will all be just a concept in the head. Only the heart can feel that heart. Otherwise, in the name of Jesus, in the name of God, in the name of religion, people kill each other. Many wars have happened. For centuries, men have fought on this planet in the name of God. They had no clue about Jesus’s message. Of course, this was predicted by Jesus. 

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He said, “I treat you like my friends, not as servants. For servants don’t know what the Lord does. I tell you, I share with you all that I have heard about my Father.” This is the best way to bring out the teaching. It is the best way to share love. With the Lord you have respect, but not a personal love. With a friend, you share your most intimate feelings, thoughts, ideas, and secrets. Jesus said, “I am your friend.”

When there is authority there cannot be love, and where there is love there is no authority. Jesus opens His arms and says, “Come, you are my friend, don’t be afraid, don’t put me on the altar. Give me a seat in your heart. See me in everyone you see around you. Love everyone as much as I love you, Or as much as you love me. Share that with everyone around.” 

What more do you want to see in that embodiment of love? But people still wanted proof. If Jesus came today, He would still be asked, “Prove to me you are the son of God.” In those days too, He was asked to prove how He was the son of God, even after turning water into wine. This is because the mind dwells on proof. The mind cannot understand Jesus, only the heart can feel the presence of Jesus. 

Spirit is eternal and beyond birth or death. Spirit is love beyond name and form. When you are truly in love with Jesus, you will see Jesus in every name, in every form, in every nook and corner of the planet and beyond.

Wishing all Merry Christmas!