If you add up 2017 it comes to number 1. So, I wish everyone bright sunshine in 2017. 1 is the number of Sun.

And in this year, let knowledge dawn in your life. What is most important is knowledge taking the front seat in our life. Everyone has knowledge but sometimes it takes the back seat. It is not in the driving seat. When knowledge is sleeping it is ignorance. When knowledge is in the back seat it leads to regret later on. When knowledge is in the front driving seat, it brings joy & celebration. We celebrate in every situation. For life is celebration.

So wish for knowledge to be in the front seat in 2017.

Let the sun which is coming from the East bring to you and everyone, wisdom in the New Year. Happy New Year to you all!

Usually,  your life often revolves around money, relationships and reputation – the run for these makes you lose your health. Instead, if life revolves around commitment, wisdom, service and celebration you automatically receive money and reputation and health & relationships improve.
Let your life revolve around wisdom, service, commitment, and celebration in 2017!
Ancient wisdom is to appreciate good qualities wherever they are, even in your enemies. Let 2017 bring the ability & strength to accomplish this!

My dear, you have such a short period in this planet, why do you make so many people around you miserable and you become miserable yourself. Life does not depend on what someone says or your reputation. It is much beyond that. What you think about life is only tip of the iceberg. 

If life revolves around the following four, then money comes reputation comes, relationships improve (and you get related to everybody) and health remains robust.

  • Acquiring wisdom and knowledge in life.
  • Making life a celebration & Creating celebrations around you.
  • Uplifting human spirit (Pumping enthusiasm in others and oneself )
  • Being committed to doing good. 

So what you want you already have it when you don’t focus on it. When you focus on the former four, and not on the latter four, then you become miserable.

So on your refrigerator you can put this up:  In 2017 let my life revolve around wisdom, celebration, service and commitment.

Time poses in front of you. It poses challenge and charm and of course change. Change is part of time. But with wisdom you can sail over it very comfortably. Take the challenge and appreciate the charm it brings with it.