There is a story about Mullah Nasruddin. Mullah was in love with a very beautiful girl, but he decided to marry somebody else. Someone asked him what happened. Why did he decide to marry someone else? His decision was very strange! So, they asked him, ‘What has happened to you? Are you not in love with that girl?’ Mullah replied, ‘I am in love with her, that’s why I’m not marrying her. If I marry her, how will I spend my evenings?’ A husband and wife often fight. What is the reason for this? The mind says I already possess my husband (or wife), so it never goes there because it has already possessed him (or her), but somebody else maybe… The wife is very beautiful but the mind doesn’t go there. They go elsewhere. The husband is very nice person, but the mind doesn’t go there, it goes elsewhere. It feels another person is better. The mind feeds or exists on illusion. It wants something that is not around. It wants something impossible. The moment it becomes possible, it moves away from there and goes further. It’s not anybody’s fault. It is the nature. It is used to living on craving; so it gets frustrated anyway. Having or not having, fulfilled frustration or unfulfilled frustration.