When you have been in love with someone, what happens to you? Nothing comes to your mind, nothing other than just how to impress the one whom you love. You are always thinking about them. Even if you think about yourself, you are thinking in terms of them. You like to wear the clothes that your beloved likes. You like to do things that they like. You like to see that they are comfortable, that they are not hurt, and that they are happy. In a subtle way you are dissolving.

Look at yourself. What is happening when you experience that deep love. You start dissolving, disappearing. If you are really in love with somebody, are you there for them? Or are you thinking or making them as an object for you? That is the difference. The beloved says, “I am here for your joy, for your happiness, for your comfort. What is it you want?” That is love. “What is it I can do? I breathe for you, I live for you, I exist for you. Nothing other than that is important for me in this world.”

That intense giving, that intense dropping for the Divine, is the love of the beloved. 

This body is made up of five elements.

 Let the earth element in this body be one with the earth element on which you walk.

Let the water element in this body be one with that water in which you bathe.

Let this air element mix with that air which would give you a cool breeze in the hot summer.

Let the fire element in this body make food for you and give warmth and comfort to you.

Let this ether that is in this body mix with that ether where you live, where you exist.

I want nothing.

That song rises from the heart of that person. That love is worth living, even if you live for five minutes on this planet, even if you live for five days, five months, five years. A few moments of that love makes life worth living.  A few moments of that love brings joy, not only to you but to the entire creation around you.

Such one-pointed love, one-pointed devotion is prime. In that light, the entire creation rejoices. Nature rejoices. Stones rejoice such love which has flowered in you. Trees rejoice. The angels rejoice. Gods rejoice.  Even hearing about such deep love, such devotion, tears roll in your eyes. Your whole body becomes vibrant. Your whole being becomes vibrant. Tears of gratitude flow.