In today’s world often there is pride associated with aggression. We can learn how to be gentle while showing great strength, from women. The biggest strengths of women are their emotions, feelings, motivation and inspiration. Men can inspire to fight but women inspire to unite. There would be less conflict in the world today if there was more feminine leadership to unite people, overcome differences and remind us of the purpose we are all born for.

In today’s war-torn world, we need women to come to the forefront and take more responsibility. When women are determined, they can do wonders. Given the wealth that is inherent in them, it is very important for women from all over the world to sit together and see what they can do to reduce stress and violence.

Women by nature are multi-talented and multi-faceted. They possess the intellectual prowess in planning and execution. You see any department headed by a woman; chances are that her department is much ahead of others. Women display this quality in the way they manage different aspects of their lives, be it running a home or an enterprise.

Empowerment can be through two ways. One is through financial earnings and the other through respect that an individual earns. Those who are respected by everyone are empowered. Even a politician does not possess the power that a judge possesses. Does a judge have a lot of money? No. However, her position is respected, and she has the ability to transform society for the better through her work.

In our country, women enjoyed respect in the past, and we must bring back that culture. There is not as much empowerment in merely getting a job as there is in being in a position of influence. Women while playing the role of a mother are by nature in the most pivotal position of influence. They shape individuals and in turn have the capacity to build a happy society.

Women while playing the role of a mother are in the most pivotal position of influence. They shape individuals and in turn have the capacity to build a happy society. Click To Tweet

When you want to learn, you can learn from everybody. Look at how women lead their lives, it brings some message to you. Homemakers have no holiday. Even when they go on a picnic, they will organise necessities and start serving everyone. They prepare snacks, they ensure everything is available for everybody. Even on holidays, they are on the job.

This is the quality of a leader. If you are a leader, you cannot take time off. Every day is a workday. Every day is a holy day. Homemakers are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. If everyone else has a holiday, that day is a busier one for them. There are no holidays for a kitchen. On festivals, homemakers work overtime.

Here is something every aspiring businessman can learn. They cannot say I will be a businessman for only five days a week. A successful businessman is observing and planning even while on vacation. The only relief a businessman gets is when he meditates. Otherwise, he is continuously planning. Even if you take a businessman on a holiday, he thinks what business he can do there and observes what is flourishing, what people are buying most and their mindset. That process has no holiday. A homemaker gives you that lesson.

By nature, women have all the three abilities – to create, nurture and to transform. They are sensitive to others’ needs and can connect with them very easily. These are all important traits for a leader which come naturally to women. There are so many inspiring examples of women leaders throughout history in all parts of the world. In fact, whether they have an official title or not, time and again women show that they are still leaders.