Love is your nature. When love finds an expression, you often get caught up in the object. Your sight is caught outside. To return back to your nature, you need insight.

Pain is the first insight. It takes you away from the object and turns you towards your body and mind. Longing brings a sense of pain. To avoid the pain, you try to push away the longing. The skill is to bear the pain of longing and move on. It’s not the pain that is bothering us; it is the thought of the pain that bothers one. It’s not the situation that one is troubled with, but the fear of the situation that is troubling one.

When you see the Divine in yourself, you will see the Divine in everyone. Click To Tweet

Energy is the second insight. A bolt of energy brings you back to your Self. Divine love is the third insight. A glimpse makes you so complete and overrules all relative pleasures. Every form belongs to the Divine. When you adore the form, you adore the Divine behind the form. When you see the Divine in yourself, you will see the Divine in everyone. Ecstasy is the fourth insight. An elevation of consciousness with partial awareness of physical reality is ecstasy. Non-dual awareness is the fifth insight, the realization that all is made up of One and only One.

When love glows, It is bliss.

When love flows, It Is compassion.

When love blows, it is anger.

When love ferments, it is jealousy.

When love is all “no’s,” it is hatred.

When love acts, it is perfection.

When love knows, it is ME!