Whenever you have some difficulties you try to eternalize it or generalize it. Suppose in a group of 80 people, if 10 people get cold, you know what you will say? Everybody is having a cold. But among 80 people only 10 people would have got cold.  But generally what you would say? In the town, if some people are sick, what you say. Oh in that town everybody is falling sick. Is it not? So we generalize it.

Whenever any difficulty comes we eternalize it, dramatize it. When you have some problem, you are like, “oh I am always like this”. If you get angry several times, you say “I  always get angry, I always get difficulty”. It is not really the case. If some people have not cooperated with you, you say “nobody is cooperating with you”. Suddenly the whole world is bad. It is not so. But the mind always does that. Is it not? Generalizes, eternalizes, it is not so.

Look into your life. How many wonderful moments you have had. You have had heights of joy and of course, you had to face some problems. And it has made your life more interesting. Because you could overcome all those adventures in life and you have the capacity to overcome. That is why those challenges are put in front of you.

Always remember one thing.

Nature will never give you a problem which you cannot solve. Click To Tweet

If a problem comes in front of you, that means you have the capacity to overcome it. You already have answers and that is why the question appears in front of you.

Never say I am always bad or I am useless. These become like a sankalpa, like a wish or intention in you. You are sowing those seeds in your mind. Some people say, I will never be able to succeed. So the seed has already been sown. So we have to remove all these weeds out of our minds. That is why I say ‘trust’.

What does surrender mean? Dropping all these things. When you drop judgment about yourself, that is called surrender. Do you get it now? All judgment about yourself, if you can drop, that is surrender.  Then that gives you so much trust. Trust will grow. All the self-doubt will disappear. It is very valuable. That is why Jesus said, “I am the only way”.  You have to go through me. Means you have to surrender to me. That is, you have to let go your mind. Surrendering means, you do not have to be afraid of losing anything. God does not want anything from you. You do not have anything that the divine does not have.

Surrender is dropping the weeds in mind which are obstructing the harvest of joy. Click To Tweet

Stop Self-judgement, judging the time or people around you. Then you will have true trust. Then everything grows and all the fear will disappear.