Life has a very unique ability to heal and develop itself. The potentiality that consciousness has is amazing. That consciousness which has so much power to keep the orderliness in all of creation, the intelligence that knows how tall each stem should be and where to be green and where to be yellow.

One seed sprouts and the seed has the whole structure of how the plant will develop – what should be hard, what is soft, and what should be the inside. The entire structure of a plant is present in every seed. In the same way, the DNA contained in every cell of our body contains the whole program of our being.

Affecting a change at the level of the seed can affect a change in the whole stem, the whole flower, the entirety of the plant. Affecting a change at the level of our being, the very core of our consciousness, means what? We have to get back to the source, the sap. We have to get back to the seed. That source is our consciousness, our mind. From there exists infinite potentiality to control the body, its resistance, its power, everything.

There was a medical doctor in Germany who had a fast-spreading type of cancer. She had a tumor in the brain and cancer had spread all over her body. Doctors said she would not live for more than three months maximum. She heard that I was in Heidelberg and she came to see me. She was brought there by her husband. She had already prepared everything for her departure, her will and all that. She was a surgeon, only 40 years old. She was brought on a stretcher and was carried to the course where I was giving a two-day seminar. I said she could just lie down and be there. She felt better while she was there. In one month there was another four-day course in Italy and she traveled to be on that course. Then she came to a ten-day program in India. Now it has been three years since she came to the first course. She was only supposed to live for three more months. The doctors found that her cancer had completely disappeared. She lost some weight, but other than that, she’s very healthy and very happy.

She drove from Germany to Paris to see me this last October when I was there, and I asked her what she thought, scientifically, could have helped her get over her cancer. She said, “The possibility of understanding this would be that each cell is surrounded by a layer of consciousness, a cloud of energy. When this cloud of energy, or consciousness, is vital, happy, pure, and free of stresses, it can penetrate into the DNA cells and clear those cells, revitalize the cells.” And she said, “This is what could have happened by the breathing practices, the Kriya practice, and my meditation, ten, fifteen days continuous like that, over a period of time. That is the only possible explanation I can find; the cells do not exist by themselves. They are made to exist and live by consciousness, by the mind, by Being, which is basic in creation.”

There have been several such cases where I have seen that the Sudarshan Kriya practice, or the practice of deep meditation, has helped one to get over such problems. Last year one doctor in L.A. said the supply of oxygen can destroy viruses in the system. We typically use only 30% of our lung capacity. The practice of pranayamas increases lung capacity and Sudarshan Kriya practice floods the system with oxygen. Ninety percent of the impurities in the system go out through our breath so increasing deep breath decreases impurities in the system. All of these practices, and the grace of divine being, can eliminate the root cause of disease.

Health can be regained by attending to the source of the mind, the consciousness because pure consciousness is pure love. And love is the highest healer on the planet, it is the highest power.