God is the very core of your being. The difference between Self and God is just like the wave and the ocean. Can there be a wave without the ocean? Just like your body is made up of proteins, amino acids and carbohydrates, your mind and soul are made up of love. You are made up of love and love is God. So you are made up of God! Do not think God is sitting somewhere in heaven. God is here and now.

What is the definition of God, if at all there is one? You describe it as that which is everywhere; all-powerful; responsible for this creation, its maintenance and its dissolution. God is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient. God is not an object of senses, but the feeling of feelings, the presence of presence, the sound of silence, the light of life, the essence of the world and the taste of bliss. Just as love is felt in the heart, so is God’s presence. God is never an object of isolation. God is the sum totality. When you dissolve, God remains. When you are there, there is no God. Either you can be or God. When you meditate, you become one with God. God is to be felt in the depth of your heart.

God can neither be perceived through your senses nor through the mind. If you make God an  object of your sight, then it is no more God. You can live God, can be God, but you cannot consider God as an object which gives you the path. The whole existence has a mind of its own. It is just like you. You have a mind and it has such  intelligence, that’s why it keeps everything orderly. Similarly, this moment is seen by this big mind. This moment knows exactly what to do. There are so many activities happening in the whole creation. Right now enormous activity is happening in the mind, in the present. In the Now! This mind is what you can call Atma or God and that is what you are. The mind is so used to looking to the concrete that it cannot appreciate something abstract. The mind does not believe what it does not know.

God is the very core of your being. The difference between Self and God is just like the wave and the ocean. Click To Tweet

God is the very core of your being. When you peel the layers of an onion and reach the centre, there is nothingness. Similarly everything is made up of that space. The whole is God; everything is God and that consciousness is present everywhere. Life is incomplete without union with God. A matured mind and blossomed heart strives for this union. Religions, philosophies, practices, customs and austerities have all pointed to one thing — union with the Divine. The common man wakes up to the suffering in his life and wants to be free. He looks for the superpower of creation. The more he looks at the misery and shortcomings in his life, the farther away he feels from the Divinity, which is his very nature.