First Type

There are those who are fun loving, full of enthusiasm in every society in every community. They don’t mind any obstacles, they dare obstacles. They get things done.

Second Type

The second type of people are those who just maintain things. They are not go getters, they  are not innovators, they are not risk takers, but they just maintain the thing as it is. They are worried about how to maintain. They very carefully tread the path. They take measured steps. Their steps are very careful, conventional, and traditional.

Third Type

The third type of people are those who want to bring transformation, who are drastic, who are rebellious, who want to completely change things. They are good in demolishing things.

Fourth Type

The fourth type of people are those who are very brilliant. They have brilliant ideas. They are very creative.

Fifth Type

The fifth is one who brings everyone together and has compassion. wherever there is a problem, they go and cement the gaps, solve the problems, and bring people together. They create a sense of belongingness. They are peace makers.

So the last one who brings everyone together is usually a woman. Who cements, who is compassionate, who has deeper understanding. Whenever something erupts she just goes and calms them down and brings them together. She works towards prosperity.

These are the five different types of people you find in a society. Which one are you?