In Indian mythology, the God of Love is said to have an arch and five arrows. These five arrows are made up of five flowers; the five senses and he hits you with the five flowers. It is through these five senses you experience something that is beyond the five senses and deep inside you what gets created is a wave of beauty. It produces a sweet honey inside you!

When you experience such a wave, your eyes close, you’re not in form but you dissolve into the formless.  You come back to your nature. When you experience something so great, so wonderful, and so beautiful be it music, a fragrance or touch automatically your eyes shut and you sink into that ocean of beauty. 

The power, the energy inside you starts moving in a newer direction. Like in meditation, there is a feeling of elevation; it gives you more energy, long-lasting joy & long-lasting bliss. There is a feeling of elevation. Like in the spring, the entire creation just springs up.

The birds sing, trees blossom, Like that when energy is kindled in you, it creates awe. You spring out of dullness, out of the inertia, out of the routine and new life springs up. If this elevation in life is lacking, then you become so dull. More you use your senses, you tend to become duller. 

The creation hits you with five arrows on the five senses to create a sense of beauty deep inside you. It’s very poetically explained. If a heart is one, then everything is one in the world and love means the heart. What type of love? That which is genuine, that which is true, that which is full of energy, full of strength, that love is total, complete. It’s divine love. 

The Angel of Love has won the whole world because the shakti is behind it. Behind every love, every small beauty, joy or enjoyment, there is Divine. This is a revolutionary thought, revolutionary idea. We think that behind a temptation there is evil. In the Garden of Eden, it was the Fruit of Wisdom

God said; ‘don’t eat it’. And then the Serpent came and tempted. The Serpent told to Eve, ‘You eat this apple, which is called the Fruit of Wisdom, have wisdom.’ Serpent is a sign of alertness, awareness and God got angry! Why should God create such a fruit and tell Adam and Eve, ‘You don’t eat this particular one?’

The creation hits you with five arrows on the five senses to create a sense of beauty deep inside you. Click To Tweet

He knew psychology so well that he purposely said don’t eat it so that they can eat it. When they had done what he wanted them to do, why should he get angry on them. That doesn’t make much sense. You look at it from a different angle. Maybe God wanted them to eat that fruit, only then his creation can go along, go ahead. 

His whole purpose was to create the whole world, right? Increase the population; make California, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, create all this. So when His intention is to do all this, so he told them don’t eat this fruit but then sent the Serpent as well. So there is some energy in them, awakening in them, they took the fruit of knowledge and as soon as they ate, the knowledge brought shyness in them. That is good.

Knowledge should bring shyness. If there is no shyness, there will be arrogance and no beauty. That’s why beauty is always partially exposed, partially covered; that is what beauty is. Partial revealing of the truth.

That is what consciousness is doing, your mind is doing. Your mind is partially exposed. It reveals, partially what you know; through your actions, through your expression, through your feelings.