As the world resounds with the voice of division, the voice of peace needs to ring in louder and stronger. Peace begins with each individual and engulfs those around. And so the circle of peace keeps spreading and it affects families, societies, entire communities and the world at large.

On August 5, 2016, people from 7786 locations in 143 countries participated in Europe Meditates for Peace.

Sri Sri ended the event with the following story

There was one gentleman in Washington saying I want to work for world peace.  He had a plank with him and walking around and there was no body behind him.  So someone came and asked him do you think you can really change the world or influence the world? 

You know what he said whether I would be able to change the world or not is immaterial I do not want the world to change me. So that’s why I am saying I work for world peace. That high level of thinking, I want my mind to be protected.  I mission is to change the world, it not at least let the world not change me, At least let me stand my ground.  I appreciate this attitude.  You know Mahatma Gandhi liked this song of Rabindranath Tagore, which say Ekla Chalo, even if nobody comes walk alone.  We have been walking alone and fortunately many are walking with us we have huge number of volunteers and well wishes and right intended people have joined this most essential work.  I would not say great work it is essential work and it has to happen.  Bringing peace to the individual and through the individual bring peace to the society.

Two things are important.  First find the inner peace.  If you are not peaceful there is no point in you trying to bring to somebody else. First let’s find our inner peace by enriching our spirituality and by enriching our values.

It is very important that we find inner peace, for that you need to do meditation.  Do every day 15 to 20 minutes meditation.  We all must do.  It is a must. It is for mental hygiene.  Like dental hygiene, however busy you are you never miss to brush your teeth. Similarly we should make it a point in our daily routine we sit and relax and soak into the inner peace so that we can radiate that inner peace to the world outside.  So wherever we go and whatever we do we find success for sure.

You can watch the full video below