imsageYou know a baby first starts playing then starts speaking. Even before it could recognize people and start speaking, every child starts playing. So sports is the first and foremost expression of life. I would say sports is the purest expression of life. In this sense honoring sports is honoring our own source, our own life. 

There is an issue of competition between players, in the run of competition there is a lot of anxiety, take a keen look at them. Not just to bring happiness to people that are watching… I usually tell this to athletes –

 When you make others win you should be happy. In India there is this saying, life is a game, life is “leela”.  

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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar gave the keynote address at the 2nd World Summit for Ethics and Leadership in Sports at the home of FIFA. The Art of Living formed Ethics in Sports Think Tank with members from the European Parliament, FIFA, Council Of Europe, Swiss Parliament and the Norway Olympic Committee.