I started a school in India in 1980. I mean, it was a school which was being run by an organization, and I had to take over it because they were going to close it down. There were 175 children in the school. When I took over that institution, with all its loans and everything, people said, “Oh, something has gone wrong with Guruji’s mind.” They said something was wrong with me! “It’s impossible to manage this school. That big organization with many, many resources and income cannot run this school. And here Guruji doesn’t have any income. He doesn’t work anywhere. He doesn’t gain money or earn money, nor does he ask for donations from anywhere. How is he going to manage this school?” People thought I had gone crazy. Everybody was baffled by my decision. It’s difficult to manage two children and bring them up. Here I am taking a school of 175 children, with all the responsibility to house them, feed them, and teach them, and everything, free of cost, like an orphanage, almost, without any aids or any help from anywhere. But it did happen. The school went very well. It’s running. Still today it’s running. The day children were about to come, there is no place to put them. Somebody comes to me and said, “Guruji, I am going. I have got a job in New York. I am going out of the country for three years. Could you please use my home or at least have some meditation sessions sometime? If people can come and meditate, I’ll be very happy.” So the man walks in the door and hands over the key of his big mansion. All the children could be housed there. Not a single day was there any problem of any sort. Nor did I worry how it would happen.

You don’t have to worry. Your life is not a big burden, big responsibility for the Divine. It can take care of you very well. Don’t be concerned and worried about money so much. Be filled with love. Be filled with gratitude.

A person who is more worried about money is more fearful. And the fear blocks the love to blossom in life. It is just the opposite phenomenon. If there is love, then there is no fear. When there is no fear, then you don’t even worry about money, but you do whatever is needed in a more relaxed and more creative manner. Trust comes. This is very much needed. All is being taken care in this world.

See, just having big bank balance, money, is not the security in life. If you have zeal, enthusiasm, and love in your heart, and could relate to people, and be with people, what else do you need? That Divinity which has given you the breath to breathe, which is breathing through you, which has stuck thoughts in your mind, and which makes your heart pump, will take care of that also. I don’t mean you should be lazy and say, “Okay, let God take care of everything.” No, we don’t need to be lazy. We do. We act. But we should understand that the fear has no basis.