You spend your life in earning money for the coming generations, and there is neither happiness nor joy, nor any connection with God. Is this called life?

As children, whenever experienced any suffering, we would go crying to our mother or father, knowing they would remove our sorrow. Then, in our country, there has been the tradition of a mentor, a guru. So, when mother and father could not resolve an issue, we would go to a guru.

Beyond this is the faith in divinity, God, a supreme power. We should believe that we are very dear to God. That is it. Your work is done. If this thought enters our mind, then there is nothing else to be done. Just like a child will never wonder whether her mother has made food at home or not. It is enough that mother is at home.

When you establish a connection with the Divine in your heart, miracles will begin to unfold in life. Click To Tweet

Always have this kind of confidence in God. Believe that He has created this whole world for you. Express this feeling from today, from this very moment.

What do you need to do to attain this? Go to the Ganges? Or perform tapasya (penance) in the Himalayas? No. How long does it take to form a connection with someone? It just happens. A connection is not time-dependent. There is no distance for the mind. When you connect with feelings, all the distances vanish.

If there are no feelings, then you do not feel the connectivity even if you are sitting next to the person. That is also true for God. If we establish a connection with the Divine in our heart, just wait and see what miracles will begin to unfold in life.

The One who created you, your parents, your grandparents and great-grand parents, loves you. As long as you remember that, perfection, prosperity, power, devotion, liberation, peace, all will become available.