Two things make you dance in your life

One is your desire, another is love.

Your desires keeps you on your toes, makes you dance all your life.  A desire gets fulfilled and gives rise to ten more, and you run all your life to fulfill them one after another. It makes you go on a merry go around(misery-go-around).  If you look into it and become aware of the dance that your desires make you do,  you will be amazed. It may be a very subtle desire and they get in to your heart and make you dance.

Then there is another type of dance that comes out joy, that comes out of love.

That deep love makes you dance. In this dance, you do not get tired. Shradha(faith) grows when a desire is fulfilled but when one desire does not get fulfilled the faith gets shaken. In love you don’t get shaken. You shake the whole world. Not just the world, but the entire universe.  You make the angels and the Gods dance.

You are supposed to dance after Chandi Homa, in the evening. Usually when people do yagyas they force themselves to dance or hire some professionals to dance. But here in our ashram – how spontaneously everyone get an impulse to get on their feet and dance! That is sattva, the positive energy. That is the truth. Here everything is authentically done and the dance happens automatically as a spontaneous natural phenomenon.

You have everything you want, so just be and radiate.

Move on in life with the confidence that you will be given everything in abundance, and that you are being protected by the Divine. There is a divine armor around you that is protecting you; you have nothing to worry about. Know this and keep walking ahead in life with satisfaction, confidence, joy, patience, fullness and faith.