Question – Can we withdraw from our commitment?

Gurudev – Yes, and when can that happen? That can happen when Viveka(discrimination) awakens within us, and we realize that whatever commitment or promise we made was wrong and was made out of ignorance. When a commitment made does not bring any benefit or any good result, then you can withdraw from your commitment. But, you do not have the right to change this by yourself alone. This is why you should go to a Guru, or a wise person and tell them about your problem. Tell them that ‘I was ignorant when I took up this commitment. Now I feel that this is wrong and futile. I seek your help and opinion on how to overcome this’.
A Guru or a wise person can understand and tell you the way to overcome this. They will be able to judge and ascertain whether your commitment was right or not; or whether you are trying to run away from your commitment to keep yourself in your comfort zone.

For example, you got married and have a family and children now, and suddenly you feel like running away from your responsibilities and becoming a Sanyasi (a renunciate or an ascetic). When you go to a Guru or a wise person and tell them that you are thinking of doing so, they will immediately refuse and tell you not to do so. They will advise you to fulfill your responsibilities, raise your children well and after having fulfilled everything, then take Sanyas. If you want to give up your commitments in order to escape from your duties and responsibilities, then that is not correct. But if you realize that your commitment benefits neither you nor anyone else, then you consult your Guru or a near and dear one before giving up your commitment.