Coronavirus is a huge crisis but it is also an opportunity for us to reflect on our lives, our roles and responsibilities in society, etc. We’ve been so busy, with less sleep, without much rest or we were in too much rest. So use this time to contemplate all those scenarios and see what should be the context of our lives. That will be very beneficial.

Many of us have hardly spent any time with ourselves, so taste that silence and take some time off. Most of the time we are so active that the doer or the seer is lost in the scenery. Now is the time to abide by the being and come back from the scenery to the seer. That is yoga.

Don’t be so scared! We have seen crisis like SARS, Swine flu, and many other influenzas before, even Plague ( the biggest pandemic) after the World War. This is a temporary phase. Be rest assured, we will overcome this!

You are all blessed! Do not panic! You all will be fine. Just follow the rules – do not congregate. Take precautions. Take immunity boosters like amruth and Shakti Drops. Take food with turmeric and pinch of black pepper. Definitely cut down on sweets and sugar (as they bring down your immunity drastically). Avoid eating too much, don’t keep popping things into your mouth.

Meditate thrice everyday (Morning, Afternoon and Evening). It will help to settle your mind, calm your emotions, bring physical and emotional strength and boosts immunity. If you have the will to survive through any adverse situation, it is possible.

Cut down on your Television time. Do some reading, try something creative – write poems, stories, experiment with cooking food, learn the piano or the guitar ( or any instrument) sing, write songs, do a painting, etc. You can do a million things – if nothing else, learn a new language – it can be french, Hindi, Sanskrit or anything you have been wanting to learn. Now you have the time to do all that!

Now that most of you are home with your family members, you get to spend so much time with them. Listen, don’t talk too much! Keep some silence as well. Talk less and avoid arguments.

Do not spend your day listening to negative news. That can be very tiring. We definitely need to be informed of what is happening, but do not keep repeating the same thing from 7 am to 10 pm.

Don’t keep searching “Corona! Corona!” Otherwise, you are unnecessarily giving too much power to this and then your brain gets affected. See how you can keep your enthusiasm in this time of crisis. This will show the valour, the strength and the resilience that you are born with.

Make use of this extra time – read spiritual books like Yoga vasishta (this book takes your mind to a different plane altogether) or Bhagavad Gita. Connect with all your friends. Chat and encourage them, give them inner strength and good vibes. Talk to a distant friend, tell them about what good things you are doing and try to bring them on the path.