Knowledge emerges differently at different levels of consciousness. At a particular level of consciousness, you will become anasuyaAnasuya is one who is devoid of fault-finding eyes. If a mirror has dust, you need a duster to clean it. But if your eyes have a cataract, any amount of dusting will not do the job. So first you have to remove the cataract. Then you can see that the mirror is already clean.

There is a certain mindset that always finds fault, even in the best conditions in the world. When you give a person with this mindset the best of the worlds, they still find insufficiencies in it. Even with the best possible companion, or the most beautiful painting, they will still find something wrong. That kind of mindset cannot know the sacred Knowledge. Krishna tells Arjuna in the Geeta that he is being given the Royal Secret, because Arjuna is anasuya. “You are not finding fault in Me, even though you are so close.”

From a distance, even craters cannot be seen. But even on a smooth surface there will be holes. If you are only interested in the craters, you will not see the magnanimity of things. If you are not anasuya, Knowledge cannot blossom in you. Then there is no point in giving Knowledge.

What about discrimination?

If it is in your vision, your vision will find discrimination. The moment you are out of any path, everything is all wrong, that is not anasuya. For example, you have a friendship, and after 10 years you decide to leave. When you leave, you do not see the good in that relationship. You find fault. This is asuya.

Anasuya is one who is devoid of fault-finding eyes. Click To Tweet

However, once you discover you have the wrong vision, half of the wrong vision has already been corrected. There is a fine line here. There cannot be any better example than a case of cataract. Instead of saying, “My vision is blurred,” someone may say, “The whole world is not sharp.” Or, suppose someone is coming in. It is windy, so you shut the door. But the person thinks the door has been slammed in his face! This is asuyaAsuya is seeing malicious intent everywhere. It is like a child who says, “Mother, you don’t love me!” The child’s vision is wrong. If the mother does not love the child, who will?

To be able to receive and be one with knowledge, one must be in Anasuya.