If you are amazed, astonished, wonderstruck, just close your eyes with a smile and stay in wonder! Astonishment is the basis of spiritual opening. It’s amazing how this creation is so full of astonishing things around. But we take things for granted. And that’s when the thought of inertia dawns and dullness comes along. Tamas acts in, inactivity happens and ignorance resides.

Whereas, a sense of astonishment brings wakefulness. A miracle shocks you; the shock is the wakefulness. And when we are awakened we see the whole creation is full of miracles. The entire creation is to be astounded, wondered upon; because it is all a display of one consciousness. Same consciousness burns as a lamp, as light, and takes oxygen. What is the difference between light and life? A light as a lamp needs oxygen to burn, so does life. If you are put in a glass cage, the life in you will be put off. Similarly, if you cover a lamp with a glass over it. It will burn so long as there is oxygen; otherwise, it too will put off.

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Our little brain is programmed to understand one language, two languages or a few more languages. And we think that all the understanding, all the knowledge can be captured in this little brain of ours. We think we can reason out, we can find logic, we can understand all that exists; but this feeling: “I know it all” can keep us in a little shell of dullness. “I don’t know” creates wakefulness because you need to know in order to know. You need to be awakened. What is this? “I don’t know”, this “I don’t know” is the key to progress knowledge.

Let us get astonished at the union, a preface for the union. Wonder is the preface for the union. And when you are united, you wonder at everything. You walk around, look at a flower, and wonder, Wow! How is this flower so intelligent! Recognize the intelligence in every petal, in every leaf, in every little human being that walks around you. Look at every human being, they have their own mind, it looks through eyes, the consciousness speaks through the mouth, responds to you or it doesn’t respond to you many times.

The prana, the life force, is present in everything, in every object. There is nothing inanimate on this planet. All the present, past, future, its time scale is within the purview of consciousness. Consciousness is beyond time and space. So, if you are amazed, astonished, wonderstruck, just close your eyes with a smile and stay in wonder.