This world is in our own mind!

We look only at the world that exists in our mind, which we imagine in our own way, though the world outside may be different.


If you are unhappy or have had an unpleasant life, it is due to the world in your mind.

You have created such a universe. “Vishva” is a wonderful word – “shva” means either yesterday or tomorrow, and “vishva” means the special yesterday or tomorrow that we create in our own mind. In our mind, we imagine certain things as huge, though we are uncertain how they actually are. We are stuck in worries about yesterday and imaginings about tomorrow, which is why we lack enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm is a quality of life, yet some people find only boredom and unhappiness.

Observe, in what direction is your life moving – day by day, are you gaining enthusiasm or losing it? Look at a child five or six years old or a toddler of three to six months. They are filled with enthusiasm. It overflows from every cell of their body. Compare children with grown-ups and see if enthusiasm increases or decreases with age. Are we really living when we lose enthusiasm? This has happened because of our “Vishva” – we have made such a world. Now to drop this, should you run away from society to some cave in the Himalayas?

You will not find happiness just by entering a cave.

The solution is in your own body. “Shakti chakra sandhane vishvasamharah(Shiv Sutras)” -When you direct your attention to the energy centres of the body, the world of worries and thoughts that trouble your mind will disappear. There will be peace.

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